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Ashtanga Intro

If you are breathing, you can practise yoga

Who would have thought that my back pains will actually lead me to another path, both personally and professionally?

That thanks to them I discovered Yoga, that has helped me to move forward, literally.

My last 15 years of life and profession have been about Marketing & Communication, entrepreneurship and today a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance US.

The best time to practice Yoga is NOW !

Come with an empty cup, no expectations, no preparation. Sometimes it’s best to just throw yourself into the fire!

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Yoga Styles

What yoga style suits you best?

Ashtanga Yoga





Yin Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Why Yoga can change the way you work

Why would you like Yoga in your Workplace?

A yoga program in your company can boost team morale, increase employee satisfaction, and skyrocket productivity.

Yoga is for productive and healthy employees!

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Yoga Privates

A private class is all about you – your pace, your goals, your schedule

A private yoga class designed around your needs and abilities is the safest & easiest way to build a healthy yoga habit!

Beginners to yoga require clear explanations and patient instruction to effectively learn the basics.

Students with injuries must also learn safe alignment techniques.

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private yoga

Yoga Retreats

Enrich your life with an unforgettable Yoga Retreat

Escape the noise from big cities and immerse yourself into a yoga journey, in peaceful and relaxing places, where you can recharge both your mind and body.

Take time off. To release. To breath. To recharge. To reconnect.

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

What people say about my Yoga classes

Can’t wait to see you on the mat. Let’s practice


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